Vi Khi Nao

CHARISMA: A personality  disorder involving the use  of  magnetism  to
          generate social order 2)  the  ability  to gather light from
          others  and  make  it  emanate  from  one's  eyes  and mouth
          and face 3) in context of a leader, a charismatic individual
          gains economic  and  social  advantages  by  smiling  widely
          and destroying others or the lives of others in the process.
          Sometimes    smiling    widely    and    exuding   magnetism
          encourage the activities of artifice 4) it is related to the
          cousin of charm, but charisma  can carry ominous  flair  and
          become  more   charming   in  its  sadistic  methods  5)  an
          establishment  of  attractiveness and civilizational appeals.
RESENT:   A verb at best, a thing maybe, a  profession.  Depending  on
          the circumstances,it can be a brief or extensive career with
          acidity  not  related  to melons, limes, lemons, grapefruits,
          green  apples,  etc.  MEANINGS:  The ability  to  deliver an
          invested  emotion  back  into a certain location of the body,
          such  as  on  the  tip  of the hypaxial muscles or along the
          ribcage of the  chest. RESENT  has  the  following  siblings:
          RESENTS,                   RESENTED,              RESENTMENT,
          RESENTER(S),    and    other    members    who    neglect to
          appear   on   this   page.   RESENTMENT   has  an infrequent
          birthday and will only celebrate the anniversary of its birth
          if  it  remembers.  This  explains why large celebrations are
          usually followed by  infrequent  smaller  ones.   Resentment,
          for instance, is not like fish or lettuce when it enters  the
          body of its host. It’s more like beef. When the host  ingests
          it, the parasite sits and rots and  never really  truly  goes
          away.  RESENTMENT,  as   a   profession,   has   a   teaching
          assistant   named   ANGER,   which   feeds  its  stomach with
          more educated parasites. These  intellectual  parasites  live
          for  days  &  months  &  years  before being subdued by other
          primitive   parasites  such  screaming &  fisting.  Sometimes
          RESENTMENT    retires   to   a   place   of   comfort  before
          climbing a hill to disappear into the  wilderness  of   other
          emotion-related     creatures.      RESENTMENT      descended
          from the French  in  1610.  After that, like the invention of
          the icemaker, everyone had to have it.
Vi Khi Nao is the author of a novel, Fish in Exile, and a poetry collection, The Old Philosopher. Vi’s work includes poetry, fiction, film and cross-genre collaboration. She was the winner of 2014 “Nightboat Poetry Prize” and the 2016 “Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Contest”.