Irina Mihai

Irina Mihai, born in Galați, Romania, is always embracing new cultures through living and travelling abroad. Her first manuscript came while skimming through the diary and the photos of her longest worldwide trip, relieving all the emotions.
Prefabricated photo

Who tells me I can’t see deformed in shapeliness? It was me who
imagined the gracious flamingos as hunched creatures.
Who tells me I can’t see bubblegum in water? It was me who imagined
the algae as sugar confectionery.

24:00, Osaka

What’s the best time to play imaginary games? On a cold night in a
parking space imagining myself on a Google Earth map. I zoomed out
until I couldn’t see myself.

Google image search, Salar de Uyuni

Me: Saul, cómo se dice Sol in Quechua?
Saul: Tata Inti.
Me: Pero es masculina?
He approved while I turned my head towards the sun somehow to get a
confirmation of my thought, was I always wrong giving the sun a feminine

Sulfuric symptoms

There was a bag of coca leaves between us, he chewed them all.
6PM, 5000m altitude, went in the car to get a painkiller.
7PM, 4400m, I’m wondering if I have in my medicine bag a pill for isolation.
8PM, 4400m, Swedish, pasta, nausea.
9PM, those 2 hours of light were gone and I was restless.
11PM, they say oxygen in a can would help.
1PM, the next day I was on a bus crossing the border into Chile


punctual movements per minute.
lost moments. Can I see some photos, please?

Machu Picchu, 8:00 in the morning, after scanning your ticket, please make your way to what is called one of the new 7th world wonders. Do you see it? It might be difficult in that sea of hands holding an entire spectrum of photo cameras. Just make your way through, leave the groups behind and you’ll meet the satisfied families. Should you wait in line or not? One more couple in front of you, don’t despair, I know it became an observation game. Here you are, the hotspot of Machu Picchu, the Sun is too strong and you’ve been too impatient…

Bagan, sunset time, you get on your ebike, again with no research done. Randomly you get there, but not so randomly you sip from a coconut fruit. Take your shoes off and up you go! You meet up again with the groups, the jolly families and the couples. Here you are, the Sun is too strong and you’ve been too impatient…

Angkor Wat, sunrise, you make your way to Angkor being guided in the darkness by other people`s flashlights. You observe the groups having their boxed breakfast, the couples enjoying a coffee and the families staying together. You don’t really know where to go to. The Sun is rising and you’ve decided to leave the crowd.

The insular imperative, 1

Do not smoke on the streets!
Take your shoes off!
Refrain yourself from speaking on the phone
while on the train!


Limitless movements in a vitreous space jellyfish
Dawning, drifting flames hot air balloons
Incessant flow lago Argentino
Harmonized rhythm bamboo forest
Tired footsteps wooden bridge
Silence Cuernos del Paine
Peak Fitzroy

This is a draft of a MP4.

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