Lucinda Sherlock

Lucinda Sherlock (1972, Perth, Australia) is an artist who writes and draws. Her artworks deal with the documentation of events and the question of language and storytelling. Lucinda’s artwork seeks to express this with the help of writing and mixed media, by telling a story or creating a metaphor.

Formally trained at the Charles Darwin University, majoring in Painting and Printmaking, with a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from Edith Cowan University Lucinda, she has taught visual arts for many years in high schools in Western Australia.

Key influences in her work are abstract expressionism, minimalism, traditional Japanese art and Asemic writing. The connection with her families, both Non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal, has given her a strong interest in Aboriginal Artists of the Northern Territory. Some of her artworks reflect on these ancient Dreaming stories of the Larrakia Country.

Lucinda’s artworks focus on the communication of thoughts and writing in a universal language, which is visualized as message, attempting to share a common dialogue. Text as narrative. Text as words. Words as mark-making. Text as sense and feeling. Text as thoughts. The process of writing, re-writing, layering and reinventing is a documentation of memory and experience. It is a clarification thought, absorbing the tradition of remembrance, and reflects discourse and authenticity through this art form.

Her work is a personal discovery of a non-verbal tradition and is an act of meditation.

Her collected works convey aesthetic resilience. Her thematically interrelated material of memory and conversation invites the viewer to join in discussion.

Offline and on the wall Minnesota Centre for Book Arts USA 2017
Brussels Utsanga Asemic Writing Exhibition Italy 2016
The Spiral Exhibition Malta 2015
International Poetry Festival Belgium 2015

Published works
Bones Journal 2017
Xexeoxial 2016

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Lucinda Sherlock

Articles in journals
Asemic Front 2017
Utsanga 2016
Cold Front 2015
“I” immaginazione 2017
gammmatica 2017

“These images are a series of non-language correspondence, perhaps even a song between two people. In My Asemica, mark making is created in formal text structures or patterns with multiple layers. I use traditional materials, pen, ink and brush on paper, to capture a moment, a story or a sound. Every mark / word seems to rush out. I write until the story feels like it has an end and then I can put my pen down. […] These works on paper are a part of the ongoing exploration of techniques and processes that I am developing for larger scale works on canvas.” (Lucinda Sherlock, 2017)