Kinga Tóth

Kinga Tóth is a Hungarian philologist, a teacher of German language and literature, a journalist, a cultural program organizer, a poet, and an illustrator. Since 2011, she has been the copy editor of the art magazine PalócföldZSÚR (Prae Kiadó, 2013) is her first book, and Party is the English adaptation of Kinga Toth’s book, ZSÚR. Her other books include All Machine (Magvető, Hungary, 2014), All Maschine (Akademie Solitude, Germany, 2014). In 2013, she was a fellow at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany. Her visual poetry has been exhibited widely. She is the lead singer of the experimental band Tóth Kína Hegyfalu and is working on the visual/sound/poetry projects and [Moonlight Faces], for which she received the 2017 Hazai Attila award.

© Dirk Skiba

mariamachina xx

how do we
communicate einander wo die berge
fallen what will happen in the end
how do we stick esik

gummiwände an koordinaten
water is taken referenzpunkte
wir bauen eine stadt
marias feet do not reach it
holds her hair at the back
so is she carved nemnem
not to let the hair touch the water
and the basin nem mehetsz a
teknőbe zuerst kenőgitter
birds do not drown in it
take a bath in the concrete
betonbanfürdika lábafürdik
betonbanfürdik a lábahajlik
und reaches the sky
likewiemint zeppelin
shall the feet move to the water
stood that direction now
looking at the concrete
dann verfeinerung hier kein
halo landscape?
in kannecontainer the compressed air
in two big feet in metal boots
die erstickten wurden gefragt siehst
du érted-e látod wasser
was taken from the tankbody
maria 1 tower 1 turm torony
the bridge to merkur
this is smaller this is the connector
there the toes go the step is narrow
the bottom is far and high
fent a vasvirágban úszik
in the roundabout rumherum
the new ones are not changed
the bunch is removed
taken out of the water
siehst du hier war wasser
take a bath in the concrete
likewiemint zeppelin


From the poems MERKUR, MAKER, 3 shafts, Bosch-Wimmelforschung-Solitude program, Germany, 2016